The Atria Urban Resort residential complex comprises four sections of D+P+4E height, grouped in a single U-shaped volume, which defines an enclosure open on one side to the access street. The interior space is laid out as a park, playground and swimming pool and is entirely pedestrianised. The volume consists of a solid main body with individual vertical or square voids running the full height of the level, in which is recessed towards the inner enclosure a second body consisting of horizontal bands marking the full parapet of the loggias. This second body cantilevers out from the two ends of the building aligned with the access road, forming large loggias that dynamize the main perspective. The 140 apartments are evenly split between two- and three-bedroom apartments - 70 of each, but the seven different partitions for the two-bedroom apartments and four three-bedroom apartment variants offer a remarkable diversity of options.

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