The terraced housing estate is the most compact solution for a very narrow plot. This is also the case of the Millo Village complex in Bucharest. Developed in depth, in groups of four, the villas of cubic proportions both in facade and plan have a small scale and a chic architecture, dominated by the white of the facades alternated with vertical bands of apparent brick marking the entrances. Apart from the living-room glazing, facing the rear garden under an awning that appears to be the ground floor wall cut out and rotated to a horizontal position, all the other voids are square, and among them the largest void in the main facade stands out, unexpectedly positioned at half-height, as it is intended to illuminate the staircase. The dark grey metallic accents highlight the upper edges of the volumes and canopies and are reflected in the colour of the joinery and their frames. The square voids are each framed in a metal frame, so that the cutout appears to continue inwards, as if a cube had been extracted from the volume, rather than as a two-dimensional cutout in the plane of a wall.

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